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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 625 Waiting for Death

As Kate exerted strength, the wig was taken off, revealing her hair.

Kate once had incredibly beautiful hair.

But after Kate took off the wig, only sparse hairs could be seen on her head, and Summer could even see her bald scalp.

Summer was shocked, "You..."

Kate said calmly, "Cancer."

Then, she put the wig back on.

She was skilled, as if she had gotten used to doing this.

Summer thought for a while and asked, "Why don't you stay abroad for treatment? The medical conditions are better there."

"There is an old saying 'the falling leaves will return to the roots'." Kate raised her chin, her pride was undiminished. "Although I have lived abroad for so many years, to me, it is just a foreign place. If I die, I want to be buried where I was born."

Summer understood what she meant. Kate had given up on treatment. She was here waiting for death!

The invincible and arrogant Kate, the young lady of the Emerson family, who was envied by countless people, was waiting for her death in such a simple and remote house.

Summer had complicated feelings.

In terms of sympathy, she had none for Kate. But when she thought about it, Kate had never done anything unforgivable to her.

Although Kate separated her from Leonardo for three years, she took care of Rosie well during that time.

If Kate was vicious, she would kill them all.

Kate was not an unforgivable woman, nor was she a kind person.

From another perspective, she was Leonardo's sister and Rosie's aunt.

She was one of the few relatives Leonardo had in this world.

"Summer, do you know what you look like now?" Kate's words wrenched Summer's thoughts away.

Summer subconsciously reached out and touched her face.

Kate said with amusement, "You show sympathy on your face!"

Summer denied, "No, I don't."

"That's good." Kate chuckled, "Even if I am about to die, my life was glorious and much better than yours."

Summer stared at Kate and felt strange for she could see beneath the smile.

If Kate felt that she had no regrets in her glorious life, why would she come back for Leonardo?

Although she no longer worked at the Emerson Group, she still had endless money to squander.copy right hot novel pub