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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 623 She Might Be Cured

The man handed Kate a cup of tea.

But Kate glared at him and said, "Give the tea to the guest."

The man did not say anything and placed the tea in front of Summer. "Please!"

"Thank you." Summer took the tea and thanked him. She held it in her hand, but she was looking around the room.

It was a three-storey house, not as spacious and exquisite as the villa in the city but it looked cozy.

Summer did not see any servant nor did she see Rosie.

Kate also looked completely different from before. Summer did not know what had happened to her, but it was definitely not a coincidence that Kate was here.

Summer was not anxious to ask.

After the man served them tea, he walked away and sat down on the sofa. He took out his phone and tapped on it. He seemed to be playing games.

Kate suddenly said, "Are you here for Rosie?"

Hearing this, Summer turned to look at her and said, "Is she here?"

"You find this place but you don't know that Rosie is here?" Kate leaned leisurely against the sofa. Just as she was about to continue, she coughed violently.

The man got upstairs and then went down.

He had a blanket in his hand.

He walked straight to Kate and threw the blanket to her.

Kate looked at him with dissatisfaction. She turned around and said what she wanted to say to Summer, "Rosie is indeed here, but you have to prepare yourself."

"What's wrong with her?" Summer's heart suddenly sank, and her expression changed slightly. "Leonardo told me that Rosie was fine."

"You'll know when you see her." Kate glanced at her with an expression that was somewhat similar to Leonardo's.

After all, they were twins.

As Kate finished speaking, she stood up.

Summer knew that Kate was going to take her to see Rosie, so she followed suit.

When they went upstairs, Summer followed closely behind Kate and noticed that she was very skinny.

The baggy sweater she was wearing looked loose as Kate went upstairs.

Kate brought Summer to the second floor and stopped at the door to a room.

Summer was a little anxious. Seeing that Kate did not open the door, she reached out to push it.

However, Kate suddenly held her hand and stopped her.

Summer felt that her hand was so bony that it hurt hers.copy right hot novel pub