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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 62 I’m Not Harassing You

Leonardo fixed his eyes on her critically and seriously, not neglecting any subtle expression on her face.

Leonardo and Summer looked at each other silently, as if they were in a silent contest.

In the end, Summer turned her gaze away.

“Douglas” was Leonardo?

She found it ridiculous.

Leonardo looked at the constantly changing expression on her face and understood that his words were too abrupt.

He withdrew his gaze and slowly drank a mouthful of water before he said calmly, “If I say no, will you believe me?”

“Of course not. Do you think I’m that easy to fool?” Summer realized the teasing in his tone and felt relieved.

Leonardo said indifferently, “No.”

It was not his thought, but a fact.

After dinner, Summer returned to her room. She was still thinking about what “Douglas” had said.

She didn’t know “Douglas” for long. But she knew that he was too arrogant to be at the mercy of others and marry a woman he did not like.

No matter who married into the Emerson’s, Vicky or Summer, Leonardo could investigate their backgrounds.

At that time, she was “ugly and stupid”, while Vicky’s private life was a mess. They didn’t match him.

If “Douglas” were Leonardo, he needn’t marry her or Vicky.

Moreover, Leonardo was disabled. He was indifferent towards Summer, so it was more authentic.

After analyzing, Summer calmed down and took her clothes to the bathroom.

When she came out after bathing, she heard her phone ringing.

Without seeing who was calling, she picked up the phone.

“You skipped work today?”

Hearing Lynn’s harsh voice, Summer was shocked for a moment. She pressed the hands-free button and put it on the bed. Then, she dried her hair and said, “Dad, you are really well-informed. I went home after I went out this morning. But it was already late at night when you found out that I had skipped work.”

The man who went out with her to do market research during the day must be asked to take revenge on her by Stone.

Otherwise, Vicky, who liked to make trouble for her, couldn’t tell Lynn about this matter until now.

Vicky was probably involved in this matter.copy right hot novel pub