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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 619 A Place You Will Never Know

They two held onto the ends of the blankets and nobody let go. Both of them pulled the blanket towards themselves.

However, Summer wasn't as strong as Leonardo. Therefore, the blanket was pulled over by Leonardo in the end.

Afterwards, he closed his eyes and slept peacefully under the blanket. Summer looked at him in disbelief.

How could he...?

After taking a few deep breaths, she calmed down and took out her phone, typing something on the memo, "Boring!"

Then she threw her phone to Leonardo.

The phone was turned in the plane but only in airplane mode. Thus, she couldn't use Twitter or send any message.

Leonardo picked up the phone and glanced at it. Then he typed an emoji of sneer on the next line.

Summer took it and wrote, "Can't you ask the flight attendant to bring you a blanket?"

Leonardo typed shamelessly, "You are closer to them."

Summer added, "Aren't you ashamed?"

Leonardo looked at it but didn't say anything. He gave her a mischievous smile, which reminded her of the time when they first met.

Summer snatched her phone back and turned around, closing her eyes to sleep.

She didn't believe that Leonardo would really let her sleep like this.

Sure enough, she felt something fell on her body not long after. She opened her eyes and found the blanket taken away by Leonardo was on her now.

When the plane landed at the International Airport in the Hoover City, it was twelve o'clock at noon.

It was late winter now.

After getting off the plane, Summer gathered her clothes around her.

Stanley and Jenny followed them out of the airport, heading to the parking lot.

Neither of them spoke to each other.

Leonardo hugged Summer tightly throughout the entire journey and got her into the car as soon as they arrived at the parking lot.

They didn't talk to each other just after the blanket fight on the plane.

The car moved directly to Leonardo's villa.

Summer didn't go to the Country M for long, but she felt like a long time had passed at the sight of the villa.copy right hot novel pub