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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 618 Bear It Even If You're in Pain!

Summer was dumbfounded and watched Leonardo smoking dexterously in amazement.

After staring at him for a moment, Summer recovered herself from shock and reached out to take off the cigarette in his hand, whispering, "Stop messing around."

Leonardo didn't stop her taking away the cigarette between his fingers and just silently watched her turn around and extinguished it.

Summer took a deep breath and turned to look at Leonardo. "I'm serious. Leonardo, think about it."

Leonardo remained silent and walked out.

Summer wanted to see Jessica, but she gave up after a moment's consideration. She felt that the less people knew about it, the better.

Previously, they didn't eat much at the banquet, so the servants prepared supper when it was about eleven p.m.

Tim came upstairs to ask Summer to have supper.

Summer went downstairs and found that everyone was sitting at the dining table. There was only an empty seat beside Leonardo. Summer looked around and sat down beside him.

As soon as she sat down, she sensed that everyone was gazing at her.

Leonardo picked up his chopsticks and knocked lightly on the edge of the bowl. Then everyone looked away with tacit agreement and lowered their heads to enjoy the meal.

However, Summer could still feel their gazes falling on her from time to time.

From the moment she sat down until she finished her supper, she did not say a word, nor did she have any eye contact with anyone.

So did Leonardo.

After supper, everyone left the dining hall.

Only Summer and Leonardo were left there.

"When will you let me go?" Summer sat at the dining table and turned to look at Leonardo.

Leonardo met her gaze and said, "Summer, I'm just gonna say this one last time. I will never agree with it."

Summer dropped her gaze and didn't say anything.

The next morning, Summer woke up early in the morning and was carried into the car by Leonardo.

Their destination was the airport. Leonardo had said last night that they would return to the Hoover City by plane today.

He didn't lie to Summer and really did it.copy right hot novel pub