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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 617 Don't Dare to Tell Leonardo

Summer burst out laughing since she rarely saw Leonardo lost for words. She buried her head on his chest, her laughter muffled. Leonardo just watched her laugh at him, his face darkened.

After a while, he seemed to be annoyed and spanked Summer, "Stop laughing!"

Summer looked up with her bright and watery eyes, her cheeks flushing red, "Now will you admit that I can do what you can't?"

"You're being unreasonable!" Leonardo's voice was cold, but it could be seen that he was not getting angry.

Summer raised her eyebrows, "You are irrational!"

Leonardo squinted and said threateningly, "Say it again?"

Summer wouldn't say it again, because she knew it would get her into trouble.

She looked around the room and carefully asked, "Where is Rosie? Is she ... alright?"

She had wanted to ask this question before, but she was a little apprehensive.

The fire back then was extremely strong, so she was really worried that Leonardo would be too late to save Rosie.

Leonardo became serious upon hearing Rosie's name, "She's fine."

When he rushed into Rosie's room, he discovered that the fire hadn't spread to that room. However, it was full of thick smoke.

If he was a little later, he might not have been able to see Rosie alive.

Luckily, Rosie was smart and directly hid in the bathroom when she realized something was wrong.

After Leonardo found her, he tore the sheets to make a long rope and tied it to Rosie's waist and put her downstairs from the third-story window.

She was just a little kid. Although she didn't know what happened, she was afraid at the sight of the thick smoke.

Leonardo still remembered that when he put Rosie on the windowsill, she paled in fear and pleaded with her eyes.

She was scared and didn't want to jump.

Though Leonardo knew her fear, he still put her downstairs without hesitation.

The sheets could only carry the weight of a child, so Leonardo returned by the way he came.

However, there was no need for Summer to know about the dangers in this process.

Summer trusted Leonardo the most. Since he said that Rosie was fine, Summer believed him.

"Then where is she now?" Summer wanted to see Rosie now.

"I had someone send her back to the Hoover City that night," Leonardo replied.

Summer remained silent for a moment and said, "That's good."

Country M wasn't a safe place, so Rosie had better stay at the Hoover City.copy right hot novel pub