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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 616 No Way!

Summer stared at him for a second before getting up and walking towards him.

Just when she was two steps away from Leonardo, he impatiently pulled her into his arms.

"Summer, you're getting more and more brave! Now you even dare to lie to me!" Leonardo heaved a sigh of relief with her in his arms.

"But you didn't fall for it!" Summer felt somewhat angry at the thought of it.

She pushed Leonardo, "You're holding me too tightly. Let me go! I have something to talk to you."

Leonardo didn't let go but hugged her even tighter and said in earnest, "Just say it."

"How can I talk with you holding me so tight?" Summer couldn't move her hands or feet in his arms.

"Then we can change a position."

With that, Leonardo carried her up and walked towards the bed.

Summer's expression changed, "No, let's talk ... just like this!"

Leonardo put her on the bed and then lay down beside her, enfolding her in his arms.

"Alright, you can speak now."

However, Summer would rather be held in his arms than lie on the bed with him.

Leonardo kissed the corner of her lips and asked, "Why didn't Stanley succeed in hypnotizing you?"

"How do you know he has hypnotized me?" Summer asked curiously.

"Stanley is extremely confident in himself. If he dares to bring you out, he naturally has full confidence that you won't go with me. He only knows evil stuffs, so what else can he do other than hypnotism?"

Suddenly, Leonardo's voice turned cold, "After all, he once gave me a deep hypnosis. So he can also hypnotize you."

"I knew it. You're so smart that you'll definitely be able to guess it!" Summer's eyes lit up with undisguised admiration.

Leonardo was aroused and lowered his head to kiss her.

Summer quickly covered her lips and said in a muffled voice, "We haven't finished our conversation yet!"

"Just one kiss." Leonardo looked down and Summer couldn't tell his feelings.

She shook her head, because she knew what kind of person Leonardo was.

If she allowed him to kiss her now, she might not be able to get out of the bed tomorrow.copy right hot novel pub