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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 615 Take It Off If You Want

Summer was stunned for a moment before she frowned and said expressionlessly, "Even if I want to go home, I will go back to my own home. I will not go with you!"

As soon as she finished speaking, she felt the coldness and pressure emanating from Leonardo.

Summer was vigilant and was about to retreat when Leonardo suddenly reached out and grabbed her arm and pulled her into his embrace.

Before Summer could react, she felt her body lightened. Leonardo carried her up from the waist.

Someone saw this and started with a cheer, "Wow!"

Then, countless curious gazes looked over at them, mixed with stirring comments.

A trace of panic flashed across Summer's face. She subconsciously grabbed Leonardo's clothes and asked him in a low voice, "What are you doing?"

"If you do not want to go with me, I will carry you in my arms." As Leonardo said this, his eyebrows gradually relaxed and then, a smile appeared on his face.

Summer looked around and saw more and more people looking at her. Summer threatened Leonardo with a cold expression, "I am ordering you now, put me down immediately!"

"Do not try to move. If you move again, I cannot guarantee what I will do to you here." Leonardo said casually. But Summer could hear the threat in his tone.

Jessica, Carl, and the others saw the situation on Leonardo's side. They hurriedly followed up and asked Tim, "What happened?"

Tim did not say anything. He just shook his head and followed Leonardo. Carl and Warren looked at each other awkwardly and walked with them.

Leonardo held Summer in his arms and walked at the very front. The guests took the initiative to clear a path for them, allowing Summer and Leonardo to pass.

They were even more conspicuous than when they came.

Leonardo carried Summer and directly took the elevator downstairs.

Tim had already called the subordinates who were waiting in the parking lot and told them to drive to the gate.

When Leonardo and Summer arrived, their car had already stopped at the door.

As soon as they walked to the car, someone opened the car door for them.

Leonardo directly threw Summer inside, in a somewhat rude manner.

Afterwards, he followed her into the car, and the door of the car was slammed shut.

Summer turned around and said to Leonardo in an embarrassed manner, "Leonardo! What else can you do except using force on me?"

"I can do everything. The thing is, what do you want me to do?" Leonardo approached Summer. The dim yellow light outside the car shone on his face, making his eyes darker.

Summer sneered, "I want to kill you to avenge Rosie!"

Leonardo narrowed his eyes and stared at Summer for a while. Then he moved closer to Summer.

They were so close to each other.copy right hot novel pub