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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 614 I Am Taking You Home

Leonardo could tell that Summer took his phone on purpose.

After that, when she deliberately unlocked his phone, Leonardo knew she was using this to imply something.

At first, Leonardo guessed that Summer might have been hypnotized by Stanley.

Didn't Summer just said that Rosie's life didn't matter?

Was it possible that Stanley used this to hypnotize Summer?

However, he could tell from the way Summer transmitted messages to him that Stanley failed to hypnotize Summer.

According to his understanding of Summer, this woman was risking her safety and planned to take advantage of this opportunity to find out something from Stanley.

Leonardo's expression suddenly turned cold as if it was covered in a layer of frost.

When did he, Leonardo, need a woman to take the risks for him?

She was so arrogant!

That stupid woman was still that arrogant!

The more Leonardo thought about it, the angrier he became as he walked out.

But when he passed by the phone that Summer threw out, he stopped and picked it up.

Not long after he left the restroom, he met Stanley.

Stanley looked at Leonardo as if he was inspecting the results.

How could he not see the apparent anger on Leonardo's face?

Stanley's tone was brimming with pride, "Mr. Emerson seems to be in a bad mood."

Leonardo stared coldly at Stanley for a few seconds, then he fiercely punched at him. Stanley could not dodge and was punched in the face. However, his expression did not change at all.

Leonardo could not help but hit him, which meant he had succeeded.

He successfully used Summer to provoke Leonardo, and Leonardo was enraged.

Everything has its weakness. When it comes to a person, the best part to attack is his motion.

And Leonardo's weakness was Summer.

As long as he used Summer to deal with Leonardo, he did not need to do anything at all. Leonardo was already a loser.

As far as he could see, the results were good.

Stanley reached out and wiped the blood from the corner of his lips. He smiled and said, "Mr. Emerson, it would be beneath your dignity to attack others."

"Who do you think you are?" Leonardo held Stanley's collar and stared at him sinisterly.

Stanley was shorter than Leonardo, giving Leonardo a bit advantage in height. Leonardo was domineering when he had Stanley by the collar.

"To be honest, I admire you. You still have the mood to speak ruthlessly to me at this moment." The smile on Stanley's face faded, but there was not the slightest bit of fear in his eyes.copy right hot novel pub