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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 61 A New Trick

Summer widened her eyes and said, “Wilson…”

The man wearing the mask squinted and interrupted her, “Shouldn’t I ask you this? Why are you here?”

The pleasing voice carried a trace of sternness, and the concern it showed was just right.

Summer almost thought that this man was really her “cousin”. She blankly said, “I was just about to go back.”

“I’ll see you off.” The man wearing the mask pulled her wrist and walked out.

However, the colleague who came with Summer wouldn’t give up easily. He walked forward and stopped Summer. “We are out to do market research. Are you skipping work now?”

Summer looked at him with a smile. “It’s rare for my cousin to come back from abroad. So I want to stay with him now. Please ask for leave for me.”

The colleague still wanted to stop Summer. The man wearing the mask slowly took out his phone and said, “Should I call the police?”

When the colleague heard this, he immediately moved aside.

Summer followed the man wearing the mask into the car. She hesitated for a moment and finally summoned up her courage to ask, “Are you Adams?”

Adams took off his mask and smiled at her. “Did you recognize her so easily?”

Summer shook her head repeatedly and was a little excited. “No, no… I just…”

Summer didn’t have the nerve to say that she had liked him for eight years, and her cheeks turned red.

She watched all the plays in which he participated, so she was familiar with his gaze.

Seeing her blush, Adams nodded and said in a gentle voice, “I understand.”

He drove attentively and asked, “Where are you going?”

“A crowded place ahead. I’ll take a taxi back.” Summer did not expect to see Adams one day. She was happy to see him. She liked all the roles he played, but that was all. This time he helped her, but she should not trouble him in the name of his fan.

When they arrived at a crowded place, Summer got off the car and asked him, “Will you pick up a new script after returning?”

Adams said without hesitation, “If there is a good one, I will keep acting until the day when I’m too old to move.”

Summer’s eyes lit up and she nodded heavily. “Well, as long as you keep acting so well, I’ll keep watching.”

Adams laughed.copy right hot novel pub