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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 609 Having a Deep Grudge

The next day, Summer didn't saw Stanley.

Someone would bring food to Summer every day. However, she was locked up in her room the rest of the time.

One day later, Summer finally saw Stanley again.

Stanley was dressed in plain black, and he seemed to be with high spirits, as if something good had happened.

Stanley stood in front of her and asked, "Have you decided?"

"No matter when you ask me this, my answer is the same," Summer said resolutely, "No!"

Summer's words infuriated Stanley.

However, his anger was not obvious.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath to calm down.

When he opened his eyes again, his expression became confident. "Do you think your pointless resistances will work?"

After he finished speaking, he smiled enigmatically.

"Summer, do you remember how Leonardo forgot about you?" The smile on Stanley's face became cold and gloomy.

Summer's expression suddenly changed. She took a few steps back and said, "Stanley, don't act recklessly!"

After being hypnotized by Stanley, a resolute person like Leonardo couldn't remember those things for three years.

If it wasn't for meeting with Summer again, perhaps his memory of her wouldn't come back.

Forgetting was a terrible thing.

Memory was an incomparably important thing for a person.

However, she was under Stanley's control, so it was impossible for her to escape at all.

Stanley looked at her as if he was looking at a prey that he was determined to catch.

Summer turned around to run, but she was caught by Stanley's bodyguards.

"I have no choice, Summer." Stanley's voice was gentle as he slowly walked towards her.

In the hospital.

Tim walked into the ward from outside with a chilling aura.

Just as he pushed the door open and entered, the bodyguard came out of the room with a hurried look on his face.

Tim frowned and asked, "What's going on?"

The bodyguard's expression was embarrassed, but he still said truthfully, "Assistant Tim! Mr. Emerson is gone."

"I told you to keep an eye on him!" Tim pointed at him and angrily said, "I will come back to punish you after I find Mr. Emerson!"

After leaving the hospital, he drove to find Leonardo.

The city was so big, no one knew where Leonardo would go!

Thinking about it, Tim concluded that he might have gone to Stanley's villa.

So, he drove to Stanley's villa immediately.copy right hot novel pub