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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 60 Take Revenge on Her

Summer had been thinking about cooking for “Douglas”. After all, that was her promise.

Since they entered the mall, they had been showing Summer around.

When it was getting dark, Summer found an excuse to stop. “I’m so tired. Let’s find a place to rest.”

Then, they found a place to drink.

Summer took out her phone and saw two calls from “Douglas”.

She felt “Douglas” was quite impatient. But she didn’t expect that he would call her twice. She could imagine that he became quite angry but held back his anger after he called her a second time.

Summer stood up and said, “Sorry, I have to go back now. Thank you. I’ll treat you to a meal another day.”

After leaving the mall, she walked towards the bus stop while calling “Douglas”.

Not long after, the phone was picked up.

“Where are you?”

His voice was already low. So when he was in a bad mood, others would feel that there was a bit of sullen in his voice.

Summer felt a little cold in her neck.

She touched her neck and said, “I’m still outside. I’ll be right back. If you’re hungry, find something to eat.”

“I’m asking you where you are,” he repeated.

The impatience and anger in his tone were no longer concealed.

Summer turned around to take a look and told “Douglas” the name of the shopping mall.

Since “Douglas” threw away the black card that seemed powerful in front of her, she no longer dared to provoke him.

Summer turned around and walked to the entrance of the mall, waiting for “Douglas”.

Not long after, Summer saw his car.

Just as she was about to go over, someone behind her shouted, “Summer, why haven’t you left yet?”

Summer turned around stiffly and saw the colleagues who had shopped with her standing behind her.

“It’s because…”

Summer was interrupted by “Douglas”.

“Summer, get in the car.” Leonardo pulled in at her side. He rolled down the window and looked at her expressionlessly.

Summer’s colleagues looked shocked at the same time.

Summer had a premonition.

She turned her head to look at “Douglas” and said with a fake smile, “Although I am younger than you, I am your elder cousin-in-law.”

Leonardo tilted his head slightly and looked at her colleagues behind Summer. He looked up and said impatiently, “Get in the car.copy right hot novel pub