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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 6 Get me out of here, quickly!

Summer looked at Karen straight in her eyes, said coldly, "Apologize? What exactly should I apologize for? "

In Karen’s memory, this daughter was really smart and beautiful when she was just a child, but the more she grew up, the more ugly and stupid she had become. But this was the first time she saw the sharpness from Summer’s eyes, and she was totally surprised by this change in temperament.

She swallowed and turned around to whisper to Vicky, "Vicky, today let's just put it behind us, if there is any chance she’s mad..."

Although Vicky was unwilling, she could only let it go.

If Summer really goes crazy and does something stupid, you could end up angering the Emerson family, and then their family would be blamed. How on earth could they maintain their luxurious life in this rich house?

Seeing that her mother and sister-in-law were stunned silent, Summer turned to go upstairs to her room and pack her belongings.

She had been living in this house for over 20 years, yet somehow, she had so few belongings. This had always made her like a guest here.

When she went downstairs with her suitcase, the hall was already empty.

Summer hesitated for a while, then went around to the back door and left the villa.

Although she didn’t know why that cousin of Leonardo showed such an interest in her, she knew one thing for sure that she should stay away from him.

Leonardo waited for a long time at the front door of the villa, but he didn't see Summer come out. His patience was running out.

Thinking of the information he read in the report yesterday, he frowned slightly. No way that ugly woman would be bullied by her own family, right?

As soon as the idea came up, he could not help but touch his face which she had slapped and snorted coldly. She didn't seem to be easily bullied.

"Would you like to come in, sir?"

When he heard the soft voice, Leonardo turned to look out of the window and saw a woman with delicate features standing gracefully beside the car.

Vicky was stunned when she saw his face.

She saw Summer and a man kissing in the car before, but she didn't expect the man to be so beautiful and elegant.

How could such an extraordinary man take a fancy to Summer, that stupid and ugly bumpkin?

It seemed that she was right to walk out to try her luck.

Her thoughts could not hide from the eyes of Leonardo.

He sneered, "Who are you?"

"I am Summer’s elder sister, you can call me Vicky." She didn't mind Leonardo’s indifference to her at all.


Now that Leonardo remembered, there are two daughters in the Jarrett family, besides Summer, the other one is his cheap price fiancée.

Most people would say that Vicky is beautiful, but she wasn’t really his taste.copy right hot novel pub