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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 598 Anger

Finally, when Leonardo once again helped Rosie with the dishes, Stanley suddenly threw his chopsticks onto the table and snapped, "Jenny! See our guests out!"

Jenny was pretty pissed at Leonardo. She immediately stood up and walked to Leonardo, "Mr. Emerson, please follow me."

Leonardo slowly put down his chopsticks and asked Tim, "Tim, are you full now?"

After an instant of silence, Tim said, "It's not to my taste."

"I see." Leonardo then stood up, "Let's go."

Even Summer felt that Leonardo had gone too far, not to mention Stanley.

Leonardo and Tim echoed each other, completely ignoring Stanley.

They then walked straight out.

Suddenly, Stanley rose to his feet and swept all the dishes to the floor.

All the plates fell to the ground with a crashing sound.

Summer's first reaction was to protect Rosie.

Rosie was quite frightened.

When Leonardo's memory suddenly became blurry, he would lose control and break things in the villa.

Stanley clearly lost his temper.

Jenny asked someone to see Leonardo and Tim out. Then Jenny heard the noise, and she immediately ran back.

Jenny looked at Summer coldly, "Aren't you leaving yet?"

Rosie was scared and Summer was ready to leave anyway.

Since Jenny had said so, Summer picked up Rosie and walked out without a backward glance.

Seeing Summer leave without hesitation, Jenny smiled bitterly, but Stanley's condition gave her no time to think of anything else. Jenny walked to Stanley and offered him the pill bottle from her pocket.

Stanley waved it away in a rage, "I don't want it!"

The bottle flew and fell to the ground, Jenny hurriedly went to pick the pills up.

"Sir..." Jenny was worried, but she did not know what to do. She did not dare to hand him the bottle again.

Stanley was fuming with anger. He propped his hands on the table and snarled savagely, "Leonardo is different? Leonardo is just like me!"

Every word he spit out was cold and piercingly chilly.

Summer brought Rosie out. Rosie kept a straight face and remained speechless. She just leaned against Summer closely.copy right hot novel pub