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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 596 A Lead

Stanley's face was gloomy as he forcefully swallowed the small handful of pills.

Jenny stood behind him, her face miserable, "Even if you don't take medicine, it doesn't matter! Whether you are Stanley or Connel, I will not..."

Stanley swallowed the medicine with some difficulty. His voice was a little hoarse and cold, "Shut up."

Jenny did not speak anymore, and she only looked at him hesitantly.

"I am different from Connel." As Stanley spoke, the hands on the desk involuntarily clenched tightly.

Jenny still couldn't hold back, and said, "If it weren't for your illness this time, would you carry out the plan and lure Summer to Country M?"

Stanley turned his head to look at Jenny. From Summer's angle, he could only see Stanley's profile, which was cold.

Stanley's expression must be extremely strange. Jenny's voice was somewhat weak, "Are you in love with Summer? You haven't forgotten what this is all for, have you? Bendy is still lying in the hospital, her life relying on an oxygen machine..."

Something harsh and crisp sounded.

Jenny's words were interrupted by Stanley's slap.

Outside the door, Summer was shocked by Stanley's sudden move.

Although it was clear that Stanley was not a good person, Summer did not think that he would hit a woman, especially Jenny who had always been so loyal and kind to him.

Stanley's slap was somewhat fierce. Jenny staggered for a moment before she could stand firmly. She didn't even reach out to touch her face. She lowered her head slightly and didn't say a word.

She was stubborn and arrogant.

Stanley stood up, his back facing the door. Summer could not see his expression and could only hear his voice, "What am I doing? Do I want you to remind me?"

After a while, Jenny's voice came in a low voice, "Sorry, it's my fault."

Stanley turned around with a gloomy face and a cold voice, "Get out."

"Yes." Jenny nodded slightly, looking very respectful.

Seeing that Jenny was about to come out, Summer hurried to close the door, turned around and trotted towards Rosie's room on light steps.

As Summer walked, she recalled the conversation between Stanley and Jenny that she had just heard at the door.copy right hot novel pub