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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 594 The Poisoned Coffee

Summer was absent-minded. Rosie thought Summer did not hear her and kept repeating, "Mommy, I saw Daddy! It's Daddy!"

"It's Daddy. I know." Summer put her down, "I must put you down. My arms are a little sore."

She realized that Leonardo was right. Recently, Rosie had put on a little weight. Her arms sored after hugging Rosie for just a while.

Summer put Rosie on the ground. Rosie held her hand and walked towards the gate of the villa. She kept saying, "Daddy, Daddy...."

Summer led Rosie over.

Just now, they were standing on the flower bed. So they had an advantage in position and could easily see Leonardo. However, now that they were standing on the ground, with a group of tall and strong men in front of them, they couldn't see Leonardo at all.

Summer wanted to pull Summer to squeeze between people to find Leonardo. But Summer pulled Rosie back, squatted down and whispered to Rosie, "Rosie, we don't need to squeeze out. Daddy will come in soon. We should just wait in the hall."

Since Leonardo showed up at the gate, undoubtedly, he would be able to enter the villa. It was useless for them to squeeze around here.

Rosie pouted, a little disappointed, but still said obediently, "Alright."

Summer brought her back. After walking for a few steps, Rosie turned around and took a look before entering the hall.

Not long after the two entered the hall, Leonardo and Stanley entered together.

As soon as Leonardo entered, he saw Summer and Rosie.

A faint smile flashed across his originally emotionless eyes.

Summer understood what he meant. His eyes seemed to be saying, "I said I would come to see you."

She withdrew her gaze and turned to the side. She couldn't help but laugh.

Rosie was more direct. She happily ran over to Leonardo and said, "Daddy!"

Rosie was short, so she could only hug Leonardo's legs and begged for a hug after she ran over.

Leonardo bent down to pick her up and put her down on the sofa.copy right hot novel pub