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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 593 I Dreamed of Daddy Last Night

Hearing this, Jenny stared at Summer with an unfriendly expression, but she did not say anything. She only turned to look at Stanley.

Stanley smiled faintly without the slightest trace of anger, "If you want Jenny to go with you, it's also fine."

Jenny's expression changed slightly, and she called out hastily, "Sir!"

Obviously, she was extremely reluctant to accompany Summer out.

Summer was not surprised by Jenny's attitude at all. On the contrary, she felt amused to see Jenny, who always kept a cold face, to express her reluctance so obviously.

Summer tilted her head slightly and smiled as she asked Stanley, "Then it's settled?"

Stanley lowered his eyes slightly and said in a gentle tone, "You two go out together. As for Rosie, she'd better stay at home. It's too cold outside."

Summer was stunned for a moment before she chuckled, "Yes, it's too cold outside. I shouldn't go out."

After she finished speaking, she stood up with a smile and walked up to Rosie. She held Rosie's hand and left the hall.

When Summer turned around, the smile on her face disappeared completely.

Summer said that she wanted Jenny to accompany her, only because she did not want to go out with Stanley. But Stanley was not easy to deal with.

From what he had said just now, apparently, if she wanted to go out with Jenny, she had to leave Rosie here.

Stanley was extremely cautious. He was afraid that Summer would think of a way to escape outside, so he wanted to leave Rosie in the villa.

He was good at disguising himself as gentle and kind. But since he had already showed how selfish and devious he really was, she shouldn't have any fantasies about him.

He was no longer the Stanley in the past.

Therefore, her friendship with Stanley had been ruined forever.

Their so-called deep friendship was merely a fraud planned by Stanley in order to achieve his own goal.

When they walked outside, she could feel Rosie pulling her sleeve.

Summer lowered her head and saw Rosie looking up at her. She whispered, "Mommy, why are you angry?"

Summer touched Rosie's face, "Because something unhappy happened to Mommy."

Rosie said in a confused tone, "Then you should try to be happier."

Summer laughed, "With you here, I feel much happier."

Summer refused to go out with Stanley, and he did not force her.

However, Stanley did not go out, either. He and Jenny stayed in the villa all day.

Compared to Stanley, Summer would rather talk to Jenny now.

She didn't want to see Stanley, but she had to take care of Rosie.copy right hot novel pub