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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 590 There Can't Be a Third Time

Leonardo pondered for a moment, "It's possible."

"I was driving away from Stanley's villa and only had time for a simple look. I didn't even see the old man's face clearly." Summer suddenly paused and asked Leonardo, "How did you know that Stanley's foster father had passed away? Do you know who his foster father is?"

The identity of Stanley's foster father had always been so mysterious.

Back home, not to mention Stanley's foster father, even Stanley's information was hard to find.

Leonardo walked to the sofa and sat down. He said calmly, "You have met his foster father."


Leonardo said slowly, "Lester Wolf."

"Lester?" Summer was stunned, "It's him!"

She sat down beside Leonardo with solemnity, "Lester is a philanthropist with great reputation in the Chinese community. He has done a lot for charitable purposes and is widely respected. There is even a movie based on his life story."

"However, he has been much less active these years. It's said that he loses connection with the public because of old age and bad health, but he never stops his charity work."

Done speaking, Summer raised her head to look at Leonardo, "Is there anything suspicious about Lester?"

Since Stanley was a mystery, his foster father might also be somebody.

Leaning against the sofa, Leonardo looked very lazy. He said with casualness in his deep voice, "He's a great philanthropist, isn't he?"

"Judging from the information, yes." Summer nodded.

"Stanley investigated about my mother." Leonardo said casually, but Summer's eyes light up.

"Stanley is only one or two years older than you. Back then..." Summer checked Leonardo's face carefully when she mentioned his mother. Seeing nothing wrong, she continued, "He was only about ten years old when it happened to your mother. What does it have to do with him?"

Leonardo asked her, "How old is Lester?"

Summer thought for a moment, "It should be ... around sixty years old."

Leonardo lowered his eyes and said softly, "Almost the same age as my mother."

"You mean Stanley knew about your mother from Lester? It's probable that Lester was involved in it then.copy right hot novel pub