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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 59 The Man with a Wife Doesn’t Play Outside at Night

With others present, Lynn casually said to Summer for the sake of his face, “Let’s eat together.”

“Alright.” After she said that, Lynn’s expression changed slightly. She continued, “But I can’t today. I want to eat with my colleagues. Let’s eat another day.”

Lynn didn’t like Summer, so he didn’t want to eat with her.

Hearing her refusal, he looked relaxed and much kinder. “Alright, you can go now.”

At this time, Vicky suddenly turned her head and smiled at Lynn, “Dad, try this. I think their dishes taste good today.”

Lynn smiled and said, “You eat it yourself. You’ve lost weight recently.”

It was harmonious.

Vicky smiled contemptuously at Summer as if she was saying, “You are so poor. Your parents don’t love you.”

It had to be admitted that Vicky had stabbed Summer’s weak spots.

She thought that she had already had a stony heart after being used and abandoned by the Jarretts again and again. It was still painful to see the harmonious and warm scene between Lynn and Vicky.

Summer was still in a bad mood after she found a table with her colleague.

The matter between her and Vicky had become a hot topic on the Internet. These colleagues were all young girls, so they must have known that through the Internet.

They could tell that Lynn didn’t like Summer.

One of them pushed the menu to Summer and said, “Take a look and order what you want to eat.”

Summer smiled and pushed the menu back. “I’m not particular about food. It’s up to you. Besides, I’ve never been here before. I don’t know what’s delicious.”

Hearing this, the other colleagues began to order.

They thought Summer was quite easy to get along with, so one of them asked her, “Do you know why Stone asked for leave today? What happened in the president’s office earlier?”

“I don’t know. Did he do many bad things before? Maybe he was punished by God,” said Summer seriously.

The others didn’t mind and laughed as well. Then, they began to expose Stone’s secrets.copy right hot novel pub