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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 588 Touching Around on Him

The glimmer of light was in the lower left corner of the window. It was very weak, but Rosie could see it very clearly.


Rosie stood on tiptoe in surprise and tilted her head to look.

Suddenly, a hand emerged from the lower left corner of the window.

At her age, Rosie was curious about everything. She didn’t not feel scared, but instead she stared at the hand with great curiosity.

In the lower left corner, a hand was stretched out, followed by an arm, then a head, and then a broad shoulder...

When that person's face was revealed, Rosie's eyes immediately lit up. Seeing that Rosie was so happy that she was about to cry out, the person outside the window made a gesture keep her silent.

Rosie was very obedient and did not say anything. She clenched her hands into small fists and raised them in front of her helplessly. She whispered, "Dad."

The sound insulation of the window was very good. She shouted in a low voice, and Leonardo outside the window could not hear her.

But he saw it clearly.

He hadn't seen Rosie in almost a month.

Rosie seemed to have grown up a little. She was wearing a fluffy one-piece pajama. She looked soft. The temperature in the room should be just right. Her little face was slightly red.

He had thought Rosie would be afraid when she saw him. In the middle of the night, if a person suddenly appeared outside the window, anyone would be afraid.

However, she recognized him at a glance and listened to him, not saying a word.

The father and daughter were separated by a soundproof window. They could not hear each other's voices and could not even see each other's expressions clearly. However, Leonardo had never felt Rosie so close to him by blood and love as of now.

She had the same blood as him, and had his surname. She was the best thing that had come out of his love with Summer.

She needed him and trusted him.

She was different from Leonardo. He owed his mother. However, Rosie was a separate individual.copy right hot novel pub