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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 583 Take My Life to Repay the Kindness

Summer bit the inside of her lip, held her breath, and then retorted, "Leonardo isn't like you! You are different!"

"As I said, women are always deceiving themselves." With that, Stanley sneered and got up to leave.

Summer fell back onto the sofa, reached to her forehead.

She looked exhausted.

Only after Stanley went out of her sight did she raise her head. However, her beautiful eyes were full of calmness.

She wasn't so fervent and furious as she had behaved.

She had suspected it early before Stanley showed his hand.

Shocked and disappointed as she was, her judgment wasn't affected.

When she thought about it, she realized that every step from the appearance of Connel to her arrival in America was the result of Stanley's premeditation.

Stanley knew Summer was kind and loyal to her friends. He misled her to believe that Stanley was taken away by Connel and lured her to Country M.

When Summer arrived in Country M, she lived at the hotel in which Connel worked. Then, she was taken to Connel's villa.

In the villa, he did not make things difficult for her, nor did he tell her the whereabouts of Stanley. He just made herself anxious, like a headless chicken.

A few days later, he called her with Stanley's phone number. He said some ambiguous words, which made her want to leave.

Stanley had known Summer early and understood her. He naturally guessed that Summer would offer to leave.

Thus, he sent someone to inform Vicky of Summer's whereabouts.

Vicky hated her guts and would definitely not let the chance slip. But Stanley was not going to hurt Summer. Therefore, he must have promised Vicky something, which was why Vicky didn't strike a vicious blow.

Now that Summer was captured by Vicky, Leonardo would of course come to Country M.

Thus, the other goal of Stanley—to lure Leonardo to Country M—had been achieved as well.

When Leonardo and Tim were in Country M, it was as easy as pie for Stanley to take Rosie away from the Hoover City.

Leonardo got the news that Rosie was taken away right at the first day.copy right hot novel pub