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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 582 Trampling on My Heart

"What do you think?" Connel put up Stanley's signature smile.

Stanley's face and those moments related to Stanley flashed in Summer's mind.

When she woke up from the hospital bed, Stanley stood by her bed and smiled.

When Vicky tampered with the brake on her car, Stanley told her to jump off the car.

And more…

In her memories, although Stanley had some ulterior motives, he had never done anything to hurt her.

It was very difficult for her to relate the Stanley in her memories with the man in front of her.

After a while, Summer resolutely said, "You are not Stanley!"

Connel smirked, his eyes filled with sympathy, "Women are always deceiving themselves. How pitiful and cute you are!"

His tone was almost a sigh, filled with pity and arrogance. At this moment, Connel looked extremely unfamiliar. Summer was increasingly unwilling to believe that he was Stanley.

Seeing the resistance in Summer's eyes, Connel straightened his clothes and stood up. He took a brutal tone, "If I weren't Stanley, would Rosie be close to me? Children are much more sensitive than adults."

Summer's face was filled with astonishment.

Rosie said that Uncle Stanley was Uncle Stanley. In her eyes, there was only one Stanley. There was no Connel at all!

Summer's mind went blank for an instant.

She reached for the teacup, her plain white fingers trembling slightly.

Connel invited Summer to have some tea right after lunch. They spent the whole afternoon together. Half an hour ago, Connel sent the servants who made tea for them away and now the tea was completely cold.

After drinking a cup of cold tea, not only was her stomach cold, Summer felt that her limbs and bones went cold as well.

Stanley was Connel and Connel was Stanley. There was no Connel in this world.

She finished her tea but didn't put down the cup, her finger clenched tightly around the handle of the cup.

Summer still held on a shred of hope and asked, "But you do have a twin brother!"

"Speaking of this, Leonardo's subordinates were to blame." Connel looked calm," I do have a twin brother. But you need to figure out if he's alive or dead."

Summer was stunned for a moment before she muttered, "That's it..copy right hot novel pub