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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 580 Password

If Connel and Stanley were the same person, it would make sense. Sometimes, a person's sixth sense would become incomparably accurate.

With this assumption as a prerequisite, all the doubts in Summer's heart went away.

Stanley's assistant told her that Stanley hadn't gone out for dinner that day when she saw Connel in the Golden Cauldron Club. However, Stanley's assistant might tell a lie.

If Connel appeared in order to lure Summer to M Country, and he was a person who was fabricated by Stanley... Summer rubbed her chin, muttering, "No... That's not right."

Back then, Leonardo had done some research and found that Stanley did have a twin brother.

Rosie found herself being ignored and Summer was immersed in thought and muttering something to herself. "Mom." she said confusedly.

Summer was pulled back to her thoughts by Rosie's voice. She quickly picked up the pieces and smiled at Rosie, "I was just thinking about what we would like to have for dinner."

Rosie immediately felt hungry. She rubbed her tummy and frowned, "I'm so hungry."

Summer was amused by Rosie's serious expression. She reached out and frowned upside down, "Alright, stop frowning like this. You'll become a little old lady."

"What is a little old lady?"

"It means an old lady."

"What is an old lady?"

Summer was speechless.

At night.

The dining room was very quiet. Only Rosie said from time to time, "Mom, I want to eat this, and that, noodles..."

Summer silently gave Rosie what she wanted to eat while Connel and Jenny stayed very quiet.

After these days, Summer found that Connel valued Jenny. Just like Tim to Leonardo, Jenny was Connel's right hand.

Suddenly, Connel looked up at Summer and asked, "Is the food not to your liking?"

Summer was absent-minded when she ate. Hearing what Connel said, she lowered her eyes to hide her emotions. Then, she looked up at Connel again and said, "They're delicious."

Connel didn't ask any other questions.

After dinner, Rosie soon fell asleep.copy right hot novel pub