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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 58 He Needs an Opportunity

After sending it, Summer waited anxiously for Leonardo’s reply.

She had never been nervous when she texted Jerome before.

A colleague whispered from the side.

“I heard Stone asked for leave to rest at home.”

“What happened to him these past two days? He used to pretend to be diligent in the company every day!”


Just as Summer was listening with interest, another colleague joined the discussion.

They talked in a lower voice.

However, Summer still heard a few words. “… Summer… did… yesterday…”

Summer suddenly sneezed. Could it be that they were talking about her?

In the Tip Top Media Company.

The meeting room was completely quiet. Leonardo sat in the first seat, looked down, and expressionlessly flipped through the project report in his hand.

The senior managers were all sitting up, not daring to make a sound. After all, their real boss was worse-tempered than Carl.

The outside world thought Carl was the boss of the Tip Top Media Company. In fact, only the company’s senior managers knew that the man in front of them was the boss of the company. His whereabouts and identity were secret. Every time a major decision needed to be made in the company, he would turn up to preside over the meeting.

It had been a long time since Leonardo came to the company. Everything in the company had fallen on Carl. He needed to manage the company and attend all kinds of activities, which was indeed tiring.

Summer went to the Jarrett Group, so Leonardo could come to his company to deal with things.

Several directors in the company, together with some senior executives, wanted to make trouble. But that was not a big problem.

After reading the documents, Leonardo picked out some of them and put them aside neatly. The rest was thrown into the middle of the conference table, making a sound.

Everyone was shocked.

Leonardo looked up and slowly swept his gaze over the people present. He said seriously, “Everyone is the elders of our company. We’ve worked together for so long. I’ll give you one last chance to pick up the things yourself and give them to me after revising them properly.”

He stood up and left the conference room. Carl followed behind him and took away the neatly folded documents.

Returning to his office, Leonardo loosened his tie, sat on a chair behind his desk, and reached out to rub his temples.

Carl followed closely in and put down the documents in his hand.copy right hot novel pub