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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 579 Connel and Stanley Was the Same Person

Summer laughed and stroked Rosie's head. She took Rosie to wash her face and brush her teeth.

When Summer brought Rosie out, the two maids were still at the door. Obviously, they were waiting for Summer and Rosie to come out and taking them to the dining room.

It seemed that the maids were serving them, but it was more like monitoring. Summer was clear about it in her heart.

The maids respectfully led the way. Rosie had lived in this villa for some time, so she was familiar with this place.

She held Summer's hand and said as she ran forward, "Mom, I know where the dining room is."

When they arrived, Connel was already sitting at the dining table, and Jenny was beside him.

He seemed to be waiting for Summer and Rosie. He held his phone and tapped on the screen from time to time. He looked very relaxed.

When Rosie saw him, she called him joyfully, "Uncle Stanley."

"Rosie." Connel raised his head and put his phone aside. He looked at Rosie with a smile.

Rosie smiled at him and then looked at Summer, "Mom..."

She wanted to go to Connel and was asking for Summer's consent.

"Go." Summer paused for a moment before letting go of her hand.

Rosie ran to Connel and he picked her up. They looked quite intimate.

Summer could tell Rosie really liked Connel.

Summer let down her guard and walked straight to the dining table. She sat opposite Connel.

Seeing Summer come over, Rosie got out of Connel’s arms and ran to her.

Summer carried Rosie to the chair in front of the table. Connel asked her, "Did you sleep well last night?"

"Thank you for your concern, Mr. Connel. I slept well." Summer looked up at him, expressionless.

"That's good. Let’s have breakfast." Connel nodded slightly.copy right hot novel pub