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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 578 Is Uncle Stanley Nice to You

Summer followed behind Jenny. It became quieter as she walked up.

The corridor of the second floor was filled with echoes of footsteps.

The villa was strangely quiet. Summer had seen so many bodyguards and servants at the entrance. There should be a lot of people living in the villa.

However, Summer couldn't see any trace of people living here, even though there were servants passing by from time to time.

The corridor widened at the corner, leading her to a wider view. She walked forward and saw a glass greenhouse.

The light was dim. Jenny led her through the greenhouse and walked to a door.

Jenny stopped and turned around to look at her. She said with a serious expression, "I won't go inside."

Then she pushed open the door.

Summer stood at the door and looked in the direction of the bed.

There were a quilt and a blanket on the bed. A half-covered cloth doll was at the head of the bed. Rosie was small. She must be blocked by the doll.

Summer softened her breathing.

She lifted her feet and walked in. Jenny watched as she walked to the bedside. She closed the door. Then she walked back to the greenhouse with her arms crossed and sat down on a chair.

Summer stood at the bedside.

Rosie was almost buried under the quilt, revealing only half of her head. She breathed evenly in her sleep.

After adapting to the dim yellow light in the room, Summer could see Rosie more clearly.

She sat on the ground and pulled the quilt under Rosie's chin to see her face.

Rosie looked well. Her long eyelashes spread out like small fans, and her small nose went slightly up and down as she breathed. It seemed that she was in a nice dream.

Summer stared at Rosie. Summer touched her hair gently in case of waking her up. Leonardo said that Rosie's temperament was like hers. But Summer felt that Rosie was not like her. Rosie was much smarter and quicker in thinking. She could eat and sleep well in an unfamiliar environment.copy right hot novel pub