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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 577 Not a Good Person, But with Principles

Jenny was pissed off, but she still smiled, "Summer, I won't hurt you. But you'd better mind your words!"

Summer was responsive and immediately replied, "Stop pretending."

"If it wasn't for..." Jenny suddenly paused as if realizing that she couldn't say that.

Summer leaned over and grabbed Jenny's arm in the dim carriage, "If it wasn't for what? Continue."

"Nothing." Jenny said in a cold tone and tried to shake off Summer's hand.

She tried several times but still couldn't get rid of Summer.

Jenny suppressed her anger and said, "Let go. I don't want to hurt you."

"I'll let go if you finish what you just said." Summer still held Jenny's arm tightly.

"Let go!" Jenny warned. She reached out and held Summer's wrist. If Summer did not let go, Jenny would attack her.

Summer had guessed that Jenny knew martial arts back when she was at Connel's. Although Summer had fought with Jessica as a teenager, she was no match for Jenny, who had received formal trainings.

It wouldn't take any effort for Jenny to shake off her hand.

However, Summer still did not loosen the grip.

Jenny was already enraged by Summer. Seeing that Summer do not intend to let her go, she held Summer's wrist and was about to pull her away.

However, Summer clenched her arm too tightly. With Jenny's strength, she could force to pull Summer's hand away, but it would break her hand.

Summer could feel that Jenny was pressing on her wrist, but Jenny suddenly let her go. She suppressed her anger and said, "Whatever."

Jenny was nice to Summer before, but Summer knew she was just pretending.

Jenny had been so angry that she wanted to attack Summer, but she suddenly stopped.

Summer felt that her guess was confirmed. Someone had told Jenny not to harm her, and the person that instructed Jenny was most likely the one that Jenny was about to mention just now.

It could be Connel. But if it was Connel, why wouldn't Jenny just tell her?

Fortunately, the carriage was dark and they couldn't see each other's faces. Jenny couldn't see what Summer was thinking about.copy right hot novel pub