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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 573 I Saw Her Kill Herself with My Own Eyes

Hearing what Summer said, Connel looked at her with a half-smile and said lightly, "Is that so?"

Summer looked at him without saying anything.

She felt Connel was so strange. He looked exactly the same as Stanley. If he pretended to be Stanley, nobody would doubt him.

Summer had spent a period of time with Stanley before and was quite familiar with him. But when she first met Connel, she couldn't tell them apart.

Summer averted her gaze and asked him with a cold expression, "Since your target was me, why did you let me go back then? It's unnecessary for you to threaten me by taking my daughter."

"That's unnecessary for you, not us."

By this time, Connel clearly didn't intend to hide anything. "If I got you, Leonardo would come to Country M to look for me. But if anything happened to you after I let you go, Leonardo would directly go find you, which can give us a chance to bring your daughter out..."

Summer looked at him coldly with her tightly-knitted eyebrows. "But wouldn't it turn out the same way?"

She thought it absolutely unnecessary for Connel and his men to take Rosie.

"Of course not. We got Rosie and you would definitely come for us, just like today." Summer felt it quite strange to hear Connel, who looked the same as Stanley, say this.

"Then why do you cooperate with Vicky?" Summer was very clear that Connel did not know Vicky.

"How could I cooperate with that woman? I just gave her some information about you. She hates your guts and would definitely jump at the chance."

"What exactly are you trying to do?" Summer was getting more confused about Connel's purpose.

Connel became serious and leaned slightly towards her. "If you let me go, I'll tell you what we want to do."

Summer glanced at him and said nothing. She turned around and went out.

She closed the door and stood outside, thinking for a while.

Connel was as calculating and manipulative as Leonardo. Even though he was taken hostage by Leonardo, he looked indifferent.copy right hot novel pub