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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 572 Not That Important

Summer's face changed slightly. She turned to look at Leonardo. "What does he mean? How many things are you hiding from me?"

Leonardo fell silent. His calm dark eyes showed no emotion at all. But Summer hated to see him like this right now.

She shouted, "Leonardo, tell me!"

Tim, who was standing beside Leonardo, was also surprised to hear what Connel said.

Obviously, Leonardo told neither Summer nor Tim about this.

He couldn't slough off the memories about his mother, Daisy.

Previously, Summer had always been confident that she knew Leonardo and was very important to him.

However, with his mother, she wasn't so sure about that now.

She even began to suspect Leonardo's intention of locking her up in the villa these days.

Was it because of his fear that she would go find those who had kidnapped Rosie alone, or his hesitation about whether to trade her for his mother?

For a moment, all sorts of speculations flooded into her mind and she had mixed feelings.

But in the end, she regained her composure.

Hadn't Leonardo's mother committed suicide in the kidnapping back then?

Leonardo ignored Summer and raised his hand impassively, signaling for his men to make a move.

He didn't intend to talk something meaningless with Connel, nor would he allow Summer to be taken by him.

Connel did not bring as many people as Leonardo, so he was definitely no match for him.

What puzzled Summer was that Connel could have left by holding her hostage in the end. But he did not do so and gave her a comforting look, instead.

Summer felt that he was extremely strange.

While she was distracted, Leonardo had got in a fight with Connel.

Leonardo fought fiercely and hit Connel where it counted every time. Connel couldn't beat him and was thrown backwards.

But Summer was not in the mood to stop them from fighting. Leonardo definitely wouldn't get hurt with so many people with him. Also, if Connel was really on the side of those kidnappers, it served him right to be beaten.

Summer walked straight to Tim and asked, "What's going on? Did Connel mean that Leonardo's mother was alive?"

"Mrs. Emerson, I don't know, either. This is the first time I've heard of it." Tim shook his head. He didn't know more than Summer.

Leonardo and Connel had stopped their fight.

Connel was thrown to the ground, gasping for breath with his hand clutching at his chest.copy right hot novel pub