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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 569 Mr. Emerson Will Only Choose You

Summer was too nervous, so she hit Leonardo very hard.

Then she felt that he stiffened, so she called him in a tense voice, "Leonardo?"

"Summer...." Leonardo muttered. He only called her name and then fell on her.

Summer immediately turned her head to the side, and Leonardo's head landed on her shoulder.

The room fell into a strange silence. Summer could only hear their breathing.

After calming down, Summer pushed Leonardo. "Leonardo?"

But Leonardo couldn't reply to it, so Summer pushed him off her body. She sat up and turned on the lights in the room.

The moment the room lit up, Summer saw everything.

Leonardo had been knocked out, so he was sleeping quietly in bed.

When Leonardo fell asleep, he was still frowning slightly, as if there were too many troubles in his dream.

Summer stroked the area between his eyebrows until Leonardo stopped frowning. Then she smiled, covered him with the blanket and bent down to kiss him on the lips.

Summer stood up and looked at his handsome face with a sigh.

Then she walked towards the door. After she gently pulled on the door handle and opened the door, she found there were no bodyguards outside.

During the day, when Leonardo was not in the house, he would have bodyguards guard the bedroom. At night, bodyguards would leave because Leonardo came back home.

Summer gently closed the door. She took her shoes and walked downstairs barefoot.

She walked carefully without making a sound.

There were lights in the hall. Some bodyguards were on duty in the courtyard. It was midnight, and they were very tired. If Summer remained careful, the bodyguards would not notice her.

After thinking about it, Summer was about to go out. Suddenly, she heard Tim calling her from behind, "Mrs. Emerson."

Summer was scared. Then, she could only turn around and looked at Tim with an upset expression. "Assistant Tim."

When Summer planned how to escape at night, she only took the bodyguards into consideration. But she completely forgot Tim also lived in the villa.

Tim looked very calm. He didn't seem to be surprised that Summer came out of the room at this time.copy right hot novel pub