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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 567 You Tell Me

Leonardo's face changed, but he didn't look better.

He stared at Summer sharply, as if he could see through her, "What were you doing in the basement? Were you trying to strangle Vicky?"

Summer immediately looked up at Leonardo with her eyes wide open.

She couldn't help but clench her hands. Leonardo was right. She really wanted to strangle Vicky just now.

Summer hated Vicky. She hated Vicky kidnapped Rosie with others.

Vicky had been mean to her since Summer was a kid. Even then, Summer only wanted to do the same to Vicky. She did not hate Vicky that much.

After all, Summer had never expected anything from Vicky, her half-sister. So, she did not hate Vicky. However, Vicky had plotted with others to kidnap Rosie.

Because Rosie didn't have a happy childhood, Summer always felt that she owed Rosie. And now Rosie was kidnapped because of the grudge between adults, Summer just couldn't accept it.

Summer remained silent, and Leonardo did not say anything. He was waiting for her to speak.

Summer took a deep breath and gradually calmed down. She tried her best to ask in a calm voice, "When was Rosie taken away?"

Leonardo frowned and remained silent for a moment before saying, "The day I arrived in Country M."

Hearing this, Summer bit her lips and laughed mockingly.

"So it's been a long time?" Summer shook her head and stared coldly at Leonardo. "The moment you left, they took Rosie away?"

Summer's last question really hurt Leonardo.

Although Summer did not say it, she was obviously blaming Leonardo for not protecting Rosie well.

Leonardo knew it, but he could not find excuses for himself.

He had nothing to say on this.

"Rosie was kidnaped and you didn't even tell me. You're making a fool of me!" Summer became even angrier because of Leonardo's silence.

"Leonardo! Rosie is your daughter! If you had someone protect her when you leave, they could have never taken Rosie away easily!"

Rosie was their little girl, but she was kidnapped by a group of strangers. When Summer thought of this, she just felt extremely painfully. She couldn't relax for a moment.

Summer raised her voice and said that in a cold tone. Leonardo looked very gloomy too. The bodyguards did not dare to say anything, so they called Tim.

Tim just left for a while, so he came back quickly.copy right hot novel pub