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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 566 Stay Out of This

Summer got out of the car and returned to the villa.

On her way to the villa, Summer kept looking back at the door.

Until she couldn't see Leonardo's car, Summer squatted down and sneaked into the room where the basement was.

After entering the room, she closed the door and went down into the basement.

The basement was brightly lit with bodyguards in it.

When a bodyguard saw Summer, he sounded puzzled, "Mrs. Emerson?"

For so many days, this was the first time they had seen Summer come down for Vicky.

Summer stopped and looked inside. She could only vaguely see Vicky's figure. So, she raised her head and asked the bodyguard, "She still hasn't said anything?"

Summer didn't know what Leonardo and the others had asked Vicky. But this ambiguous question was enough to convince the bodyguards that she knew what they were doing.

These bodyguards knew Leonardo treated Summer very well. When Summer asked like that, they thought that Leonardo had told her everything.

One of the bodyguards said, "No. She's tough."

Summer did not ask any further. She was afraid that she would expose herself.

"I'll go see her."

Summer walked inside and saw Vicky sitting in a chair with chains on her feet.

Vicky had been locked up in the dark basement for over a week. She looked pale and haggard. Her clothes were dirty, but she did not seem to get hurt.

Vicky heard footsteps and raised her head idly. When she saw Summer, her eyes glittered with malice. "Summer?"

However, Summer was a little surprised. Would Leonardo be so kind to Vicky? She thought that Leonardo would exhaust his means to torture Vicky. But he didn't.

"Hey, are you surprised to see me sitting here unscathed?" Vicky looked at Summer carefully, and she was confused.

But very soon, Vicky realized something.

"Don't you know it?" Vicky's face twisted into a weird smile.

Summer sneered, "What should I know?"

Vicky threw back her head and roared with laughter. She laughed until tears came to her eyes. Then she said, "Summer, you're a mother and you don't even know your daughter was kidnapped. You're so sad!"

Summer's face changed as she asked in a trembling voice, "What?"

"So, you know nothing?" Vicky shook her head with a sigh and said in a weird tone, "Doesn't Leonardo love you very much? Now he didn't even tell you that your daughter was kidnapped."

Summer had thought that Vicky's men might attack Rosie.

However, Leonardo told her that Rosie was staying at home. And Summer had been making video calls with Rosie all this time, which meant that Rosie should be fine there.

"Vicky, I talked to Rosie on video yesterday. Now you told me she was kidnapped?" Summer said mockingly.

Vicky was a little surprised and flustered. But she turned complacent soon. "If your daughter is fine at home, why are you still here?"

This question really got Summer.copy right hot novel pub