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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 56 Throw It away If You Don’t Want It

Leonardo looked down at her slender white fingers on his arm. He did not shake them off but just said seriously, “Isn’t it normal? Do you think my family can tolerate being fooled by your family?”

His expression was so solemn and cold that Summer wanted to shiver again.

On the first day Summer entered the Emerson’s, Leonardo had already asked someone to investigate her thoroughly. He knew that she liked Jerome.

As for her pretending to be stupid and ugly, he couldn’t find out the reason because so many years had passed.

Summer was shocked for a moment. She couldn’t help but become serious. “Did Leonardo ask you to investigate me?”

“Of course.” Leonardo turned around and stood face to face with her, looking down at her.

Seeing her like this, he didn’t say anything else and went straight into the Golden Cauldron Club.

Leonardo had wanted to sit in a private room, but Summer felt that he had other intentions, so she requested to sit in the living room.

Thus, they sat down by the window in the living room.

After ordering, Summer asked “Douglas”, “When will your cousin come back?”

“I don’t know.”

Seeing Summer’s disbelief, Leonardo crossed his arms around his chest and looked at her expressionlessly. “Even if I know it, do I need to tell you?”

It seemed to make sense…

Summer lowered her head and looked at the phone in her hand.

It might be a casual move for Leonardo to give her a cell phone. His whereabouts were so mysterious. He, of course, didn’t want others to know about his schedule.

Summer didn’t think Leonardo was living a comfortable life.

Leonardo glanced at Summer and saw that she was frowning with sadness. He thought that what he said was too mean. After thinking for a while, he gave her a string of numbers.

Summer was confused. “What’s this?”

Leonardo slightly knitted his eyebrows, as if he was impatient. “It’s my cousin’s number.”

Summer instantly became refreshed. She hurriedly opened her phone’s address book and prepared to save the number. “Say it again,” she said.

Seeing that she was so happy, Leonardo patiently said it again.

“Thank you!” Summer asked with a smile after saving the number, “Do you want more dishes?”

“There is no need,” Leonardo said coldly.

He couldn’t tell her that he was Leonardo.

Suddenly, he felt depressed, so he had a gloomy face during the entire meal.

However, Summer did not care about his expression. She was thinking about whether to call Leonardo or text him later.copy right hot novel pub