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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 557 Did Anyone Wrong Her

The blonde man sneered and pointed at Summer, anger choked his words.

Almost all the bystanders were accusing him.

Two of the young boys from H Country walked up to Summer and asked her, "Are you alright? Are you from H Country?"

Summer nodded. "Yes, I am."

One of the boys helped her pick up her suitcase, while the other reached out to help her up. "I think you're going home, so are we. I wonder if we'll be on the same flight."

Perhaps it was because they were Chinese, Summer did not feel too much rejection towards them. Another reason was that the two boys looked young. They should be students studying in Country M.

The two boys looked very polite. It seemed that they came from a well-off family, so Summer was a little less vigilant.

"Thank you." Summer thanked them. Then she took the suitcase over and walked on.

The two boys followed. One of them said with a concerned expression, "Why don't you wait with us? Do you have any other friends?"

"Actually, my friend is arriving soon. Thank you." Summer thanked them again and left with her suitcase.

Since Summer said so, the two boys did not insist and made way for her to leave.

Summer walked around and picked a place where there were many people.

After sitting down, she raised her wrist and checked time.

It was five o'clock in the afternoon, and it was about five or six o'clock in the morning in H Country. It was too early for Leonard to get up.

After thinking for a while, Summer sent a text message to Leonard. "The plane will take off at night."

After sending the text message, she did not expect that Leonard would immediately reply or call her, but Leonard called her soon after it.

Just as Summer was about to answer the phone, someone suddenly reached out and pulled her phone away very nimbly.

Summer suddenly looked up and saw a completely unexpected person.

"Vicky?" Summer's voice was trembling with disbelief. She almost forgot about Vicky. After Vicky made a scene last time, she disappeared. Summer never thought that she would run into Vicky here.

Summer thought of the blonde man just now. Did Vicky ask him to stall her?

With one hand across her chest, Vicky held Summer's phone with the other hand. She glanced at the phone and then looked at Summer. Vicky's smile was eerie, as if it was poisonous.copy right hot novel pub