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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 549 Some Sort of Ceremony

Summer paused for a moment. The joy in her heart only lasted for a second. Then it disappeared again.

She knew that Connel would not take her to meet Stanley easily. Connel noticed her hesitation and smiled, "Well? Are you afraid?"

"Do you keep your word? Will you let me see Stanley?" Summer wasn't afraid, but she didn't trust Connel.

Connel looked at her and said, "A gentleman never goes back on his word."

Summer gritted her teeth and said, "Alright. I'll go with you."

It seemed that Connel had expected Summer would agree to meet Stanley with him. So he was not surprised at all. He stood up and said, "It is a bit far. We can set off now."

Summer followed him out of the café and got in the car.

Connel's car was Wrangler and it looked cool.

Connel drove the car and Summer sat in the passenger seat.

They left the city and headed for the nearby town.

Along the way, Summer stared at the window, trying to remember the signs of the road.

Maybe it would be useful.

Connel looked at her in the rear-view mirror. Do you have a good memory?"

Summer said cautiously, "No. I hurt three years ago and got a bump on the head. Moreover, I even lost my memory for a period of time."

However, Connel said, "I know it."

Summer felt that Connel could always know what she was thinking, so she stopped talking to him.

She would make fewer mistakes if she stopped talking.

She didn't speak anymore, but Connel kept talking to her along the way. Summer just forced a smile or replied him in an absent way.

After driving for six hours, they car drove into a small seaside town.

The town was bustling, but they seemed to be familiar with him before.

Connel drove into the town and slowed down. Everyone greeted to him along the way.

Someone knew him, which meant that this was probably where Connel lived.

They were about to arrive the place.

After ten minutes, Connel stopped in front of a villa.

It was a three-story European villa. There were several trees in the courtyard, but it looked a little desolate because the arrival of winter.

There were servants cleaning the courtyard, and bodyguards in plain clothes patrolling around.

It was obvious that the villa was well guarded.

"Get off the car.copy right hot novel pub