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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 548 I Can Take You to See Him

The manager listened to Summer and said, "We have several chefs from H Country here. Which one are you referring to?"

Summer raised her eyes slightly, "His name is Connel."

The housekeeper thought for a moment and said, "I'm very sorry, he is on vacation."


The housekeeper recognized Summer's suspicion and hurriedly said, "He is the most popular chef from H Country in our hotel. I have a deep impression of him, so I know about his vacation."

"Then when will he be back?"

"I'm not very clear about this. After all, he's not from the Housekeeping Department..."

Summer was mentally prepared when she came, so she wasn't surprised when she heard that Connel was on vacation.

Since Connel could bring Stanley here, he was definitely not ordinary. Naturally, Summer did not think that she could find him easily.

The matter of looking for Connel still needed to be considered carefully. Summer stayed in the hotel for several days, but Connel did not return.

In the past few days, she didn’t contact Leonardo.

She felt that she couldn’t wait anymore. She had to think of a way.

Maybe Connel had already known she was in Country M and was still staying in the hotel where he worked.

If that was the case, she had to go somewhere else.

The next morning, Summer was ready to check out.

Just as she exited the elevator, before she could see the people outside clearly, she heard someone say, "Connel, this is Ms. Summer. She wants you to cook for her."

Summer raised her head and saw the manager first, beside the housekeeper stood a person who looked almost the same as Stanley.

They looked at each other.

Summer narrowed her eyes and said first, "Are you Connel?"

Connel curved his lips and smiled. His face was completely the same as Stanley's. He slowly said, "Ms. Summer, we meet again."

His voice was very similar to Stanley's. It was hard to recognize the difference between his voice and Stanley's if she did not listen carefully.

Stanley's voice sounded relatively relaxing, while Connel's voice carried a heavy tone sometimes, just like ..copy right hot novel pub