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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 542 Leonardo Knew It

Hearing Summer's words, Leonardo frowned slightly, "You mean you saw Stanley at the Golden Cauldron Club yesterday afternoon. But when you called him, he sounded a little weird. Then you went to find him?"

"Yeah, he wasn't there when I went to his consulting room in the afternoon." Summer pursed her lips and said, "I asked his assistant. But she said that she had ordered lunch for Stanley."

After Summer said that, Leonardo got sunk in deep thought. But Summer still did not know what he was thinking.

Summer asked, "So I was thinking, is it possible that I just saw someone who looks exactly like Stanley at the club?"

"If it was just someone who looks exactly like Stanley...." Leonardo paused for a moment after repeating it. Then he continued and his tone changed.

"Then why didn't he tell you on the phone?"

Summer was shocked. Leonardo was right. Why didn't she think of this?

She only felt a little puzzled at that time, but she did not try to find out the reason.

"So, now we're sure that the 'Stanley' I saw is just someone who looks like him. And this person might be his twin brother, but Stanley wanted to hide it...."

Leonardo smiled faintly, "It must have been tough for you to figure it out."

Summer glared at him and continued to think about that.

If that man was Stanley's twin brother, then he would go to find Stanley.

When Summer saw that man in the club, he was dressed in black. Last night, when she and Leonardo went to Stanley's house, Stanley was also dressed in a black housecoat.

And his house was a little messy.

The black housecoat and the mess in the house proved that....

Summer looked up at Leonardo and said seriously, "Last night the man we saw at Stanley's house was not the real Stanley!"

Leonardo leaned against the chair and tilted his head to look at her without saying anything.

Although Leonardo didn't say anything, Summer could tell from his expression that he knew it.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Summer scratched her head irritably. "Stanley must have been in trouble.copy right hot novel pub