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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 538 Hang Up on Her

Hearing Summer's words, Rosie carefully walked downstairs.

As soon as she arrived in the hall, she immediately released the maid's hand and ran towards Summer.

Summer squatted down, caught the flying sweetie, and kissed her.

But Rosie focused all her attention on the apples and just ignored Summer's kiss.

She turned to the page of that and showed it to Summer as if she was offering treasures, "Mom, look at the apples I drew."

The colorful lines were all over the page. It was difficult to make out the shape of an apple.

But Rosie was happy.

As she flipped through the picture book, she muttered to herself, "I'm going to draw three more apples and some meatballs...."

Summer had noticed that Rosie loved drawing very much. But she was still too young to draw something nice. She only chose the color she liked and paint it on the book.

Summer would not discourage her since she liked it.

She carried her to the sofa and sat down. Then, she took the painting and looked carefully for a while, smiling, "Well done! I believe that you will draw better in the future!"

Rosie grinned and covered her mouth. She seemed shy.

Summer gently poked her forehead, "Are you shy?"

Rosie grabbed her finger and chuckled. At this time, Leonardo came in from outside.

Children would like to receive recognition and praise from their parents. And Rosie was no exception.

She held the painting and ran towards Leonardo.

Knowing that Leonardo was in a bad mood, Summer stood up and shouted with worry, "Rosie!"

But Rosie did not hear her words. She happily ran to Leonardo and raised her painting book, "Daddy, Daddy, look at the apples. I drew big apples...."

Leonardo's eyebrows tightened as he saw the "apple".

Summer's heart jolted. She immediately shouted, "Leonardo!"

She was afraid that he would say something improper.

Recently, he didn't seem to be as nice to Rosie as before. And he wasn't so patient, either. Summer was afraid that he would say something unpleasant like, "What the hell did you paint?"

Leonardo looked up, took a glance at her and then went back to his painting.copy right hot novel pub