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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 536 Don't Play Dead

Even though she called Stanley by his name, Stanley did not immediately respond to her.

Summer took a look at the phone and made sure that the call was still on. Then she put it back by her ear and said, "Are you still there?"

At this moment, Eliza walked over. Summer glanced at her and pushed the menu in front of her.

Then, Stanley's voice rang out again on the phone.

"Sorry, Summer, I got to hang up now."

"Then you..."

Before Summer could say anything, Stanley hung up the phone directly.

Summer put down her phone and stared at it, brooding.

Why did she feel that Stanley had hung up her call on purpose?

Stanley was a thoughtful person. Even if he ran into something, he could always remain calm and composed.

But just now, his tone sounded somewhat strange.

As for strange how, Summer could not be sure.


Eliza waved her hand in front of Summer's eyes. Only then did Summer regain her senses and look at Eliza.

Eliza leaned forward with her one hand on the table. "What are you thinking? I called you several times, and you just ignored me."

Summer had just plunged herself into her own thoughts, and she didn't notice that Eliza was calling her.

"Nothing." Summer looked down at the menu in front of Eliza. "Have you ordered yet?"

Eliza nodded, "Sure."

As she spoke, her gaze still landed on Summer.

Eliza was especially interested in Summer's relationship with Leonardo and his daughter who appeared at the dinner party.

However, deep down, Eliza knew that Summer would not tell her, so she could only give up the idea.

Summer kept thinking about Stanley while eating and appeared a little absent-minded.

Combined with what Leonardo said before, she could tell that Stanley was indeed dubious. She had to go find him again.

After lunch, Summer and Eliza returned to the studio.

There was little work in the afternoon, so Summer left earlier.

When she came out, the car that followed her in the morning was still following her from a distance.

Whoever in that car seemed to know that Summer had discovered them long ago, so they quit hiding and followed her openly. However, they still maintained a certain distance.

Summer pulled over at a roadside where temporary parking was allowed, then walked towards the car that had been following her.

She approached the car and reached out to open the door.copy right hot novel pub