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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 534 Why Didn't He Do It Earlier?

Besides, the Twitter post had gained unprecedented exposure.

The number of forwards and comments had already exceeded 100,000, and it was still going up.

When Summer appeared on the hot search rankings earlier, Leonardo would always withdraw directly and easily.

Leonardo was decisive, so he didn't care about them but the results.

However, this time, it was Amber who annoyed him, so he would deal with it directly and publicly.

The Emerson Group's official Twitter account was also a VIP account with tens of millions of followers. A clarification posted by the official account would be quite convincing.

Summer checked the comments below. Almost all of them supported the post. There were some exceptions though.

"The official account has been hacked, hasn't it?"

"The gossip about the engagement of Leonardo and Miss Amber has been spread for several years. Why has the clarification been posted this late? What didn't he do it earlier?"

"I think the same as you, the upstairs. I suspect that Leonardo does have an affair with Miss Amber..."

Have an affair with her? Bullshit.

Summer sneered and slid down a bit.

The following comments were from some spectators.

"@Mr. Emerson's ex-wife, this is your chance."

"Let's start with a bet on the possibility of Leonardo reuniting with his ex-wife."

"So whose child is that?"

"Official Account, who is the mother of your little princess?"

Seeing Rosie was mentioned again, Summer couldn't help frowning.

Summer returned to her Twitter homepage and the notifications were over 99 again.

She rarely posted on Twitter, but the notifications had been coming in the past few days. She could barely read them all.

Summer logged off Twitter and continued to chat with Jessica on Whatsapp.

When she looked up Twitter earlier, Jessica had sent her loads of messages again.

"I do want to know how Amber feels now."

"You know what? In the past three years, Amber has often bribed the news..."

What had happened in the past three years was the history. Summer didn't need to care about it.

What was worrying her was the excess attention people paid to Rosie.copy right hot novel pub