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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 533 A Clarification from the Emerson Group’s Official Account

Having a glance at Leonardo, Summer snorted and went to the dining room with Rosie.

Leonardo was sitting alone while Summer and Rosie were sitting opposite him.

The three of them were clearly divided into two parties.

Rosie was still well-behaved when eating. She would point out anything she wanted to eat to Summer, asking her to pick up what she wanted.

"I want cauliflower!"

"And a chicken drumstick..."

"You can eat a chicken drumstick, but you need to have some more vegetables..."

Children don't like vegetables that much.

Summer would have to bargain with Rosie for eating greens, if she wanted her to have more.

Rosie didn't like it that much, but she still had a bite reluctantly in order to get the chicken drumstick.

Witnessing the warm interaction between the mother and daughter opposite him with cold eyes, Leonardo looked down at the bowl in front of him and lost his appetite all of a sudden.

He put the chopsticks down on the dining table, "I'm full."

Seeing that Summer did not react, he deliberately raised his voice and repeated, "I'm full!"

How couldn’t Summer know that he had deliberately thrown the chopsticks so loudly only to attract her attention?

She shot a glance at Leonardo, "I know, but Rosie and I haven't finished yet."

Rosie raised her head from her small bowl and said in a low voice, "I haven’t finished yet."

"Okay. Go on with your meal." Summer picked up another dish for Rosie.

Leonardo looked extremely cold, but Summer didn’t care about it at all. So he couldn't do anything to her.

He snorted, got up and left the dining room.

Just as Leonardo left, Rosie immediately raised her head and glanced at the direction where he had just left. Then, she looked back at Summer and said, "Dad is angry."

Summer was stunned for a moment and she did not expect Rosie to say that.

She asked Rosie curiously, "Why do you think so?"

"He ‘snorted'!" As Rosie was saying it, she shook her head and imitated the way how Leonardo snorted.

Summer laughed out loud and couldn't help pinching Rosie's face, "How come my baby is so cute?"

Rosie raised her little head and said sweetly, "Because my mom is Summer."

Summer had taught Rosie to read her and Leonardo's names, as well as the names of Carl and Jessica, and she remembered them all.

However, when she called Leonardo, she would habitually pronounce it as "Leonoodle".copy right hot novel pub