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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 532 Mrs. Emerson, You Are Being Impossible

Leonardo saw Rosie as soon as he got out of the car.


Rosie seemed to be afraid that her dad would lose his temper, so she quickly turned around and hid behind the servant. She cried out timidly and flatteringly, "Daddy!"

Leonardo stared expressionlessly at Rosie for a few seconds, then curved his lips to give her a smile.

Summer didn't allow him to get angry with Rosie, but a smile was okay, right?

Actually, he never felt that he had ever been angry with Rosie.

It turned out that it'd be better if he remained serious. His fake smile directly scared Rosie to tears.

Summer got off the car after Leonardo. She had no idea what had happened to two of them but happened to hear Rosie's sudden cry.

"What's wrong? Rosie." As soon as Summer heard her crying, she walked towards Rosie and picked her up.

Rosie pointed at Leonardo and cried non-stop.

Summer turned to look at him.

Without waiting for her to speak, Leonardo hurriedly said, "I was not mad at her. I didn't get angry."

After he finished speaking, he lifted his foot and entered the villa.

His back was filled with anger.

Summer held Rosie and walked behind him. She whispered a few words to Rosie, so Rosie didn't cry that much anymore.

She tilted her little body and stretched her neck. After seeing Leonardo enter the house, she sniffed and stopped crying.

"Why are you crying? Daddy was mad at you?" Summer reached out to wipe her tears and asked her gently.

"No" Rosie wiped the tears off her own face and said in a cute voice.

Summer was a little puzzled, "So why?"

When the sad thing was brought up, Rosie was about to cry with her mouth pressed, but she didn't forget to answer her mommy's question first.

"Daddy, he smiled at me." After saying that, Rosie began to cry again.

Summer was struck unexpectedly by the answer.

She opened her mouth and was speechless for that moment.

It was the first time she had heard that a child was frightened to tears by her father's smile. Mr. Emerson was extraordinary.

Summer was amused, but seeing that Rosie was crying so sadly, she decided to comfort her first, "Daddy smiled at you. That means he likes you. You're supposed to be happy. Why are you crying?"

"Scary." Rosie said with a twitch and then buried her head in Summer's embrace.

Summer didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"How could it be scary? He smiled at you because he likes you."

Rosie cried even louder. It seemed that she still did not understand the way the father and daughter got along.copy right hot novel pub