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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 531 You're Really Gonna Side with Him

Summer didn't know what was going on, so she shook her head and said, "I don't know. I need to check it out first."

She didn't even read the comments on her own Twitter account but went straight to the trending list.

Sure enough, the top topic on the trending list was "Leonardo Emerson's fiancée’s wedding dress."

Summer was sure that the fiancée in this topic was definitely not her. It was most likely about Amber.

Her name came in second.

Summer took a deep breath and said helplessly, "My name in the trending list again."

"Is it about Amber?" Leonardo frowned.

Summer looked at him in surprise, "When did you become a prophet? I haven't said anything yet. You already knew it was about her?"

After Summer finished speaking, she clicked on the topic.

"Yesterday, a reporter took photos of Leonardo and his fiancée appearing at the bridal shop together. It seems like something good is coming. [Picture] [Picture]"

The two photos were of Leonardo and Amber at the bridal shop.

Deliberately taken from a special angle, the photo only involved Leonardo and Amber but not Summer.

Was it all Amber's plan? She went to the bridal shop just for these photos?

Several photos were shot from a special angle. Summer was deliberately cut out from them. Maybe she had been in the photos but got cut off later.

"I knew it. Leonardo and his fiancée is a real couple. Who's that Summer? She has no family background. All she could do was relying on Leonardo shamelessly. She really disgraces women."

"The truth has come out. Some people still don't believe it. We can never wake up someone who pretends to be asleep."

Summer scrolled down the page and found that all of them were favorable reviews about Amber.

When she clicked on the blogger's homepage and read it, they were basically insignificant accounts with few followers.

However, those Twitter posts of rational opinion were moved to the bottom.

Summer sneered, "Leonardo, you are so charming."

"You are not bad, either." Leonardo replied emotionlessly.

Summer shook her head and retorted, "How can I compare to you? I don't have a loyal suitor like Amber.copy right hot novel pub