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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 530 Wear It Only for You

Summer hung up the phone and sighed. She was successfully threatened by Leonardo again. He knew exactly what she was thinking, so he could succeed every timer.

It seemed that she had been threatened by Leonardo since they began their relationship.

Moreover, Leonardo had never failed. Summer was a little discouraged.

Summer had lunch in Eliza's studio. After a short meeting, she drove to the bridal shop. Leonardo was already waiting for her in the shop.

When she entered, Leonardo was browsing a finance magazine.

He was sitting with his back to her. Summer wanted to play a trick on him. She made a silent gesture to assistants and gently walked towards Leonardo, preparing to scare him.

However, when she was about two steps away from Leonardo, he suddenly called her name.


Leonardo did not move, nor did he put down the magazine.

How did he know she was here?

Summer stopped and walked up behind him after two seconds. She rubbed his hair angrily, "You didn't even see me. How do you know it is me?"

Leonardo held her hands. When she wanted to pull her hands back, he held them even tighter. What's worse, he caught her hands together. '

So, Summer had to stand behind him.

He looked back at Summer and said seriously, "You would never figure it out."

Summer raised her eyebrows and asked him, "Why?"

Leonardo pointed at his head with another hand.

Since Summer had heard that one many times before, she immediately understood what Leonardo was trying to say.

Leonardo meant she had a lower IQ. How could she take that?

Summer glared at him, "Leonardo Emerson, I'll give you a chance to answer the question again. Otherwise, you'll have to sleep in the corridor from now on."

Some words amused Leonardo. He suddenly laughed. And he couldn't stop laughing.

Summer freed herself and pinched him on the face.

Leonardo held her hand and pushed her forward. She then fell to him.

She was standing behind Leonardo, so she leaned against Leonardo when she fell.copy right hot novel pub