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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 529 Hit the Nail on the Head

The staff of the bridal shop knew their place clearly. Seeing Summer and Leonardo walking in, they knew they had something to say, so they didn't get closer and make room for their private talk.

Summer didn't let go of him until they walked to a quiet place.

"What does Amber mean? Why did you allow her to sit by your side at the dinner party? What did she say?" Summer saw clearly about what had happened there.

It was only after Amber had said something to him, Leonardo began to change his mind and allowed Amber to sit beside him even though he was unwilling about that.

Just now, Amber looked at her in a strange way.

Leonardo stared at her seriously and asked teasingly, "Do you think I'm old?"

Summer did not expect that Leonardo was still thinking about it. She said impatiently, "I swore at Amber by saying that."

"That's also what you think." Leonardo was stubborn about this question.

Summer reached out to cover her face and said helplessly, "No, men are charming at their thirties. You are in your prime. You are not old."

Leonardo sneered. Obviously, Summer's words didn't please him.

"Now can you answer my question?" Summer asked him.

"Today, I'm here to look at our wedding dresses." Leonardo changed the topic and went away for dresses.

Seeing that, the manager immediately followed Leonardo. He introduced the wedding gowns from texture and characteristics to their designers.

"This one is created by a romantic French designer..."

"This series represents eternity..."

" ... Mr. Emerson, you have a keen eye. This is the best in our store."

Since Leonardo went to see the wedding dresses, Summer had no choice but to follow him.

After a while, they stopped to rest on the sofa.

"Mr. and Mrs. Emerson, do you have a preference for any wedding dress?" The manager asked eagerly. Leonardo did not say anything but looked up at Summer.copy right hot novel pub