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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 527 Amber Is Not Ordinary

Rosie pursed her mouth and muttered softly, "You are not nice."

Leonardo looked over and Rosie immediately kept quiet. She got out of bed in grievance.

She was so short that she could only lie on the bed, slowly sliding down to the other end of the bed. She curled her lips with dissatisfaction.

Rosie looked around the room but could not find her clothes.

As Rosie was about to speak, she thought of what Leonardo looked like just now. She was so scared that she covered her mouth and didn't dare to speak anymore. Then she ran to the bedside to pull Leonardo's quilt.

Raising his eyebrows, Leonardo looked at her.

Rosie looked up at Summer before she whispered, "I can't find my clothes."

This was Leonardo's room. Of course, Rosie couldn't find her clothes.

Hearing this, Leonardo looked down at Summer in his arms. Then, he carefully got out of bed and asked Rosie to go back to her room to get changed.

After helping Rosie get changed, Leonardo asked the servant to take her down for breakfast.

Before going downstairs, Rosie looked reluctantly at Leonardo's bedroom and whispered, "Mom needs breakfast too."

"You eat first."

Leonardo's simple words scared Rosie.

After watching the servant bring Rosie downstairs, Leonardo returned to his room.

Summer was still in deep sleep.

Leonardo stood by the bed and looked at her for a while before he got dressed and went downstairs.

When he went down, the servant was feeding Rosie breakfast.

Rosie's eyesight was good. When she saw Leonardo coming down, she immediately snatched the spoon from the servant's hand and ate it herself, looking extremely obedient.

Of course, Leonardo saw her actions, but he didn't say anything.

Sitting face to face, Leonardo and Rosie ate their breakfast without saying a word.

When they almost finished, Summer was coming down.

Without wearing any makeup on her face, she walked over and directly sat beside Rosie. Leonardo looked at her with dissatisfaction.

Summer pretended not to see it and turned her head to look at Rosie, "Wow, you are eating so much.copy right hot novel pub