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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 525 Summer, I Forget to Bring My Clothes

As Summer spoke, she walked around Leonardo, carrying Rosie upstairs.

Leonardo stretched out his hand halfway, but he just held the pose until Summer disappeared upstairs.

He took a deep breath and looked away, no one knew what he was thinking.

When Summer put Rosie on the bed and helped her undress, Rosie woke up in shock. She called out in panic, "Mommy."

Summer hurriedly held her hands and kissed her on the face, "I am here."

Rosie fell fast asleep again. She watched by the bed for a while before leaving.

She walked downstairs and found the hall was empty. There was no sign of Leonardo. Only a few servants were there.

Summer looked up at Leonardo's study which was upstairs. She guessed Leonardo was there.

When she was about to go upstairs, Leonardo had already come down.

He changed into casual clothes, which made the dominating air around him weaken a lot.

"Rosie is asleep?" Leonardo walked to her and kissed her face.

Summer nodded, "Yes. Did you go upstairs to change your clothes?"

At this time, a servant walked over and said respectfully, "Mr. and Mrs. Emerson, dinner is ready."

After dinner, Summer went upstairs to see Rosie.

Rosie had eaten before, so Summer did not worry that she would wake up at midnight from hunger, but she still came over to check.

Perhaps it was normal for all mothers that the more they looked at their children, the more adorable they thought their children were.

She stayed in Rosie's room for a while until Leonardo came for her. "Are you going to sleep here tonight?"

Summer turned to him and put her index finger on her lips, and said, "Shh, keep your voice down."

Leonardo walked over and glanced at Rosie. Then he looked at Summer and said, "It's time for bed."

Summer looked at Rosie and whispered, "I want to sleep with Rosie tonight."

Leonardo raised his eyebrows and asked in a low voice, "What about me?"

His tone was no different from usual, but Summer could feel a sense of discarded resentment.

Summer looked at him and said, "Just sleep alone. Do you want me to coax you to sleep?"

"Yes." Leonardo replied, crossing his arms and staring at her, as if he was waiting for her reply.copy right hot novel pub