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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 523 People Who Often Got Angry Had Bad Livers

Leonardo was very close to Summer, and Leonardo's breath came to Summer's face when he spoke.

Summer signed. Emerson Group was Summer's now and Summer was indeed the boss of the Emerson Group.

But how could a boss be forced into this by her employee?

Leonardo seemed to be addicted to it. Leonardo tilted his head and stared at Summer, as if he wanted to see through her.

"Boss, can you tell me how do you want me to flatter you, mentally or physically?"

Leonardo beamed and his striking eyebrows softened. He didn't look like the president of the Emerson Group anymore, but just a man in love.

Summer laughed and put her hand on Leonardo's chest, whispering, "Do you think I want you to please me mentally or physically?"

Leonardo narrowed his eyes and swallowed. He reached out to hold Summer's hand on his chest and said in a low voice, "I think you want the latter."

As Leonardo spoke, his black eyes fixed on Summer. He was smiling faintly, like some kind of wild beast hunting for its prey.

Leonardo looked a little frightening and sexy. Of course, Summer could not defeat Leonardo.

Summer pushed Leonardo a little further away with her hand on his chest and then pretended to be calm and straightened her clothes, "Didn't you say you're hungry? Let’s have dinner now."

Leonardo looked at Summer and said meaningfully, "It doesn't really matter whether I eat or not."

Summer remembered Leonardo was proficient in alluring her three years ago. Summer looked bold and raised her voice, "I'll cut your salary if you don't drive now!"

Leonardo was shocked before laughing heartily. It was a broad laugh. Summer could tell from the laughter how happy Leonardo was.

Summer didn't know what Leonardo was happy about, but she couldn't help but smile with him.

Leonardo tossed her his phone to Summer, "Call Carl."

With that, Leonardo started the car.

Summer only thought that Leonardo had something important to tell Carl, so she helped him dial Carl's number. Summer was even considerate and put the phone close to Leonardo's ear.

"Come to the Golden Cauldron Club for dinner." With that, Leonardo added, "Come with Warren."

Without waiting for Carl to speak, Leonardo said to Summer, "It's done."

Leonardo meant that Summer should hang up. Summer brought his phone over and said goodbye to Carl.

"Leonardo is driving. He got to go. Goodbye."

Carl stared at his phone and fell into deep thought.

'This call is from Leonardo.copy right hot novel pub