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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 52 I Will Only Hook up with Leonardo

Warren walked in and smiled at Summer, “Me too.”

Then he sat down at the dining table, and Carl sat beside him.

Only Leonardo unhappily stood at the entrance of the restaurant.

Summer was confused.

Why did she feel that something was wrong?

Leonardo coldly walked in and sat down.

Summer wanted to go to the kitchen to get two more bowls.

Leonardo kicked Carl and Warren under the table, “Go get your bowls.”

His wife could only serve him.

Then Carl and Warren went to the kitchen to get their bowls.

Summer was shocked. She didn’t expect that they would listen to “Douglas”, who was just a playboy.

Actually, she felt that they bent to “Douglas”.

She sat down at the dining table.

She was about to eat when she heard the crisp sound of chopsticks hitting the plate.

She looked up and saw that the three men were competing for food, especially “Douglas”. He actually competed for each dish.

Summer only ate the rice in her bowl. She felt that the three men were very childish.

Warren noticed her gaze and apologized, “Sorry. I haven’t eaten any home-cooked food in the past three years.”

Carl said, “I’m busy too. I eat takeout every day.”

Leonardo said, “They’re talking nonsense.”

Carl and Warren only ate and didn’t say anything.

Summer felt that “Douglas” seemed to pick on them.

She nudged “Douglas” gently and said when she saw that he was looking at her, “Since you asked them to stay for dinner, you should treat them nicely.”

When did he ask them to stay for dinner?

Leonardo sneered at Carl and Warren, “You guys eat more.”

Summer’s hand trembled. Why did she feel that the three men would fight at any time?

She felt that the atmosphere was strange, so she went to the living room after eating.

She didn’t understand what was wrong with those men.

Once she left, the atmosphere became harmonious in the dining room.copy right hot novel pub