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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 519 It's Hard to See Him

Summer was enlightened suddenly, "Make an appointment?"

"Yes." The receptionist smiled, but her eyes were still filled with disdain.

Summer could understand them. After all, in their minds, Summer was an ex-wife who had always wanted to get back together with Leonardo.

Moreover, now that Leonardo had a "fiancée", Amber, and a "fiancée-born daughter", Summer even kept pestering him like this.

In the eyes of outsiders, Summer was currently in such an awkward and completely unreasonable situation.

Summer pretended not to notice their impatience and continued to ask, "How long will it take to see him if I make an appointment?"

The receptionist replied in an obviously gloating tone, "The itinerary of the president has been full until the end of the year. If you make an appointment now, you should be able to see him in half a year."

"See him in half a year."

The receptionist just said it in understatement as if it was not a long time.

"Does it take so long?" Summer's tone was somewhat emotional. She had always known that Leonardo was busy, but she did not expect him to be so fully engaged.

The receptionist added, "Yes, but you may not be able to make an appointment in half a year."

"It's really difficult to see him." Summer said with disappointment.

When Tim parked the car and entered from outside, he heard Summer's words.

As his eyelids twitched, he had an intuition that this Madam was going to make trouble.

Just as he was about to step forward, Summer turned around and gave him a look of "leave me alone".

Tim could only pretend he didn't see Summer and went away.

The receptionist did not notice that Tim came in and went out.

"After all, our president is no ordinary person. Ms. Summer, do you want to make an appointment or not?" Said the receptionist to Summer impatiently.

Summer pretended to be surprised and said, "So you know me?"

"It's really rare to see people in Hoover City who don't know Ms. Summer." The receptionist didn't even pretend anymore.

"Is that so?" Summer smiled and said, "Continue your work. I won't bother you anymore."

"Ms. Summer, you don't want an appointment anymore?"

"No. I'll call him directly." After Summer finished speaking, she smiled at the receptionist and turned to sit on the sofa to call Leonardo.

The receptionists turned a deaf ear to Summer. When Summer turned around and left, they were still gossiping about her.copy right hot novel pub